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Welcome to

Flex And Gauge Manometer Sales

Using the resources of both Flex and Gauge Manufacturing and we have developed a range of manometer, manometers, manometer gauges and ancillary products which are unrivalled in our industry. Flex and Gauge and have been among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of manometers and ancillary products to the gas and heating industry since 1984.

Our manometer gauges have been jointly developed, tested and field trialled with British Gas. With this stringent development and testing program behind us we are confident that our manometers and other related products are of the highest quality and durability and will function accurately and reliably over a long period of time .

We have listened carefully to customer feedback on our products over a long period of time and changed and modified them accordingly to suit our customers. We pride ourselves on the high quality of products that we have been able to produce and supply to you, our customers. Your comments and observations have and always will be very much appreciated.

We have a knowledgeable and dedicated staff, most of whom have been with us since 1984. Our knowledge and experience has grown over this period and we are confident that we can offer customer support that is second to none. We have introduced our products into both the commercial and domestic sectors in the United Kingdom and looking to expand our activities to other markets worldwide. With our selection of high quality and durable manometer designs, which have all been certified and used by british gas engineers.

Putting that knowledge into Practice

Please play the demonstration video on the opening page of this site, it will give you a practical demonstration of how a manometer is used to test the gas pressure of a boiler using the test nipple provided by the manufacturer. If you still have any questions about the manometer demonstrated then please get in touch.

The gas pressure on all gas appliances needs to be tested. A manometer gauge is a fundamental instrument designed to be used for this purpose. When set up correctly it will never fail to give you a correct reading. This is an instrument that also never needs recalibrating, just the use of clean water. We want you to use our products and find them convenient, practical and easy to use.

High quality products should be available to all and at Flex and Gauge we guarantee nothing but quality when it comes to our products. We can provide a range of U gauge manometers

Take time to browse through the products in our online shop and see if we are able to help with your manometer needs. If you still have any questions or enquiries then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us either on the phone or other methods which can be found on our contact page.